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We know that the timeshare industry can be full of empty words and broken promises. That's why we offer every client a 100% money-back guarantee.
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Our headquarters is located in the timeshare capital of the world , Orlando, Florida. PMG has been helping timeshare owners all across the nation for many years. We'll help to legally rid you of your timeshare contract, releasing you and your family from the ongoing burden of timeshare fees and payments.

We bring a full array of experience and professionalism to every case, and customize our support to your individual needs.

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As a consumer advocate agency, we confront your timeshare by utilizing existing federal and state consumer protection laws and regulations.We do not buy, sell, or rent your timeshare.Simply put, we help you to get out of your timeshare contract, 
legally and forever.

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We are professional consumer advocates, real estate advisers and timeshare experts with the experience and know-how to divest you of your timeshare obligation. When you work with us, you'll have a dedicated case manager that's just a phone call away, every step of the way.
At Primo Management Group, we're proud to be one of the only timeshare exit agencies that has a 5 star online review rating with zero customer complaints, as well as an 'A' rating with the BBB .

You deserve honesty, transparency, and respect from your timeshare exit advocate. Our pledge is to get you free from your timeshare contract and back to enjoying life without the stress and burden of timeshare fees.

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We are a boutique law firm located in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in business law, real estate law and commercial litigation. Our business lawyers have over 50 years combined experience working with individuals, solo entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners; as-well-as business organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our business litigators and trial attorneys have over 50 years experience involving a wide range of corporate and commercial litigation matters. 

Whatever your business legal needs are our corporate lawyers have the experience and expertise to provide strategic advice and personalized solutions that fit your needs. We work with business clients throughout the state of Florida. However, most of our clients are located in the Central Florida area; Orlando, Winter Park, Kissimmee, Maitland, and Longwood.


By Primo Management Group 19 Oct, 2017

Timeshare ownership doesn't always work out for everyone. While owning a prime vacation property is a great deal, contract issues call for a timeshare lawyer.

Most people value the convenience of sharing property in a beautiful location. Thus, when making the ownership decision, the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives. The pros and cons of timeshares include:

  • Affordable ownership and maintenance costs
  • Location exchanges are possible
  • Holiday residence with homelike accommodations
  • False promises such as tax benefits and resale opportunities
  • Timeshare property depreciates in value

What these owners don't count on is the difficulty of canceling their contracts. Timeshare companies are not in the mood to accommodate them.

As such, the best option is to find a top timeshare lawyer. You'll also need a set of questions to help you weed out the frauds. Read on to learn more.

Reasons to Hire a Timeshare Lawyer

Before getting the set of questions, let's first look at the reasons to hire a lawyer.

Life circumstances may force your decision to forego your timeshare ownership. For example, you could be experiencing financial difficulties. Yet, the main cause of ownership problems is the timeshare companies.

The following companies' actions are the  reason you need a timeshare lawyer :

Offering Complex Deals

Several salespeople from timeshare companies chase you around pitching different deals. In the end, it feels like you've been bullied into making a decision. Often, the decision is not in your best interest.

Customers realize their mistakes after signing the contracts. A timeshare lawyer can spot all the hidden clauses taking advantage of customers. The lawyer also understands the state laws governing the contract.

Using Deceptive Practices

As if it wasn't bad enough to bully potential timeshare owners, companies use deceptive practices to get contracts. They hide the real cost of ownership, insert perpetuity clauses, and lie about tax benefits and resale opportunities.

Without an experienced timeshare lawyer, these companies would get away with their deception. Moreover, it will cost you a lot of time and money. Someone who understands all the loopholes can get you out of your contract.

Now that you know why you need a lawyer, dive in to find out how to get the right one.

Questions to Ask a Timeshare Lawyer

There are bad people in the world who want to profit from your problems. As such, you need to be careful when choosing a timeshare lawyer. The following set of questions will help you find a lawyer who can get your contract canceled:

1. What is Your Experience in Timeshare Contract Cancellations?

A lawyer's experience is one of the most important aspects of any legal case. Becoming an expert in law takes many years of practice. A beginner may not be able to win your case.

Check the potential lawyer's educational background, track record, and familiarity with your case. They must also have special training in dealing with timeshare issues. They must be able to come up with alternative solutions to your legal problem.

Last, their knowledge of the opposing counsels and judges is important. It tells them how your case is going. They'll also be able to get better deals if need be.

2. Do I Have a Legitimate Legal Claim to Cancel the Contract?

It's your lawyer's job to analyze your claim and see if it has merit. They must show proof that the timeshare company operated in bad faith. You can make claims about:

  • breach of contract
  • misleading sales pitches
  • timeshare different from what they promised
  • being a victim of a scam
  • losing money through fraudulent means

If you can prove your claims, it will be possible to cancel the contract. Your lawyer will also decide if you can sue the company for compensation.

3. What is the Process, Strategy, and Likely Outcome of the Case?

This question is about understanding how your timeshare lawyer operates. Do they know the process of canceling your contract? Do they have a successful strategy?

You'll learn how long it takes to get out of a timeshare contract. Ask whether you can continue using the timeshare during the cancellation process. They will also tell you whether to continue paying maintenance fees.

The lawyer must say they intend to get your name removed from the timeshare. They must also explain how they will fight the perpetuity clause in the contract. Ask them how you'll get status updates on the case.

4. What are Your Fees, Expenses, and Refund Offers?

Service costs vary for every client. Make sure you understand how much it will cost to get your contract cancelled. Some lawyers use fixed fees or hourly rates.

Ask if there are any hidden fees or expenses.

It is possible your lawyer will give you a refund offer. They can promise to return your money if they fail to resolve your case.

5. Do you Offer Guarantees on Contract Cancellations?

This is a red flag question to help you spot the frauds. Contract cancellations are complicated. Thus, no one can give you a guarantee of resolution.

However, they can offer service guarantees and money back guarantees. Anything else is a scam.

6. Can you Handle Multiple Timeshare Contract Cancellations?

A good timeshare lawyer should be able to handle multiple contract cancellations. Some clients want to be rid of all their timeshares. Thus, whether it is one, two, or ten timeshares, the lawyer will help you get out.

7. Do you Have Any References or Endorsements?

This is another question to help you determine if you have a top lawyer. They should be comfortable enough to provide references for previous timeshare cases.

Other firms receive endorsements for their ability to get timeshare contracts canceled. Ask them whether they pay their endorsers or if they have another deal in place. Remember, fraudulent people say anything to get your money.

Get a Free Consultation

Handling timeshare contract cancellation is a complex process.

You need to look for legal experts who are familiar with these contracts. Moreover, they must have your best interest at heart.

There is a lot to learn about timeshares, deals, and contracts. Contact us   and get a free consultation.

By Primo Management Group 05 Oct, 2017
You accepted an offer to go on a vacation in exchange for listening to a "small presentation" offering you a timeshare. You thought that you could get through it without buying anything and get a free trip.
You didn't count on the high pressure and emotional sales tactics promising you the deal of a lifetime. Before you knew it, you were driving home wondering how you ended up buying a timeshare.
If you regret this decision , timeshare lawyers can help.
Five benefits to getting a lawyer to fight on your behalf.
1. Timeshare Law is Complex
Timeshare companies use pressure to get their clients to sign contracts. They bring out multiple salespeople, each one offering you a better "deal" than the last. Most of the offers made are contingent upon signing them right away, without giving the customer time to think.
The contracts are long and contain clauses that are difficult to understand, putting the signee at a disadvantage . These companies are also known to target aging clients and make it difficult to sell your stake in the property.
Timeshare lawyers will be able to look at these contracts and tell if someone has been duped, finding the loopholes that allow the person to exit them.
2. Laws Vary By State
With the reputation of timeshare companies taking a hit in the past decade, many states have enacted laws that make it easier to get out of contracts. There is very little federal regulation of the industry, however.
Your options vary on a state by state basis, making it imperative to hire an experienced lawyer. Florida allows you to cancel a contract within ten days of signing it or after receiving the final paperwork, whichever comes later.
There are 95 pages of laws dealing with timeshares in Florida that you would have to read through to find that information. Timeshare lawyers would be able to tell you that right away, along with other legal options.
Companies depend on these laws being so complicated that you look at them and give up. By hiring a lawyer, you can fight back instead.
3. Timeshare Lawyers Can Fight Deceptive Practices
Almost all states have laws that will make a contract void if you enter into it after receiving deceptive information.
One of the most deceptive practices of timeshares is hiding the real cost of ownership .
Maintenance and utility costs can fluctuate over time. This information often is not disclosed when entering into a contract. If a timeshare cancellation company transfers the property to a "shell" company without assets, this could be a problem for you.
The ultimate responsibility to pay these costs fall on you and the other "owners" if they go unpaid. If you and the other owners can't pay them, the property will go into foreclosure, leading to an unwelcome surprise.
In Perpetuity
Anytime you see "in perpetuity" in a contract it is best to not sign anything without seeking a lawyer's counsel. These words are legal speak meaning that the condition lasts for an infinite amount of time.
Many of the charges that are in a timeshare contract will have this phrase listed. Owning a timeshare becomes a lifelong commitment even if you don't use it.
4. Many Companies Will Lie to Get You to Sign A Contract
Even if you follow the contract to the letter, many companies will tell you that you can't cancel. They are attempting to drag the process out until you don't have any legal options.
Having timeshare lawyers contact them will let them know you will not fall for this trick. Many times, a company would rather let you out of your contract than face a potential legal battle.
Selling Your Timeshare
Telling you that buying a timeshare is risk-free because of resale opportunities is another lie.
You will almost never be able to sell a timeshare for the amount of money that you put into it. Depreciation of timeshares is rapid, and some may drop at a rate of 99% .
Scams are also frequent in the timeshare resale market. You get approached by people that offer to resale your property at above market value if you pay a fee upfront. After paying the fee, you never hear from them again.
Tax Benefits
If a sales person tells you there are tax advantages to buying a timeshare, they are lying . There are zero IRS benefits to your purchase.
Timeshare lawyers will know if a sales person used dishonest tactics to get you into a contract, and will be able to get you out of the agreement.
5. They Save You Stress, Time, and Money
Learning the ins and outs of timeshare law takes a lot of time, and will often end up with the victim becoming frustrated and paying their fees.
Trying to get out of a contract can be stressful as well. Personal relationships suffer due to lack of sleep and anger over the situation.
Hiring timeshare lawyers might seem like it will cost a lot of money, but staying in the contract is far more expensive in the long run. When you consider the stress and time you will save by having a professional look at your situation, there is no reason to not talk to someone.
Our Mission is Helping You
Timeshare companies thrive on putting the consumer at a disadvantage. Here at Primo Management Group, we pride ourselves on being your advocate.  
There are a lot of timeshare exit companies out there that will promise you the world and deliver nothing. Our results speak for themselves. We have a five-star rating on Google from real customers, and our owner responds to these reviews!
Don't believe us? Check out our reviews here . We know that you may have questions and concerns , and we understand. Being burned by a timeshare company can make anyone hesitant to seek help.
For this reason, we are offering a free consultation so that we can earn your business and trust. We also have a 100% money back guarantee!
Contact us today, and you won't be disappointed. That's the Primo pledge!
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